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Water features are frequently installed by our landscaping professionals. If you are an owner of a commercial or residential property who wants to install water features, let us know.

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Professional Water Features Services

Water features are especially well-suited if you have a big outdoor space. They complete the ecosystem of your property.  They could definitely increase the property value. Get Better Lawns has been installing these water features for ages now. We have some of the most skilled professionals working for us. When it comes to building these water features and installing them, we are considered the best in the field.



FISH PONDS : As long as key life-sustaining parameters are met, fish can be introduced to practically any form of water feature. Goldfish and koi are popular choices. In motion, they add a dash of colour.

FOUNTAINS : Fountains come in an almost infinite range of shapes and sizes, which can be added to your water feature. The sound of water tumbling and splashing on itself, mixed with a cool air, is truly relaxing.

WATERFALLS : Waterfalls, like fountains, offer sound, movement, and vitality to your water display. Waterfalls, which are frequently made from natural stone slabs or boulders, add a vertical depth to any landscape. Waterfalls draw your attention from afar as they move and flow.

STREAMS : Streams can be found trickling down walks, pathways, and even pool decks. Streams are often built to run into waterfalls and cascade into ponds to help support the entire ecosystem of a water feature by acting as natural filters.

WATER GARDENS : Water gardens are live water features that are brimming with vibrantly coloured and textured aquatic plant life. A lush natural setting is created by plants both inside and outside the pond’s edge.

Water Features

Why Install Water Features?

Running water can be an excellent source of white noise that allows the mind to relax without being overly fixated on a single tone. Adding a water element to your landscape might help you relax and unwind. Flowing water has a calming effect on the mind and a reviving effect on the spirit. When choosing a water feature, our landscapers will pay attention to the sound it creates; everyone of us has a natural preference for certain “water noises” over others. For example, fountains will have different sounds, waterfalls will have different sounds, while flowing water will have different sounds. Some water features like ponds do not have any sound but certainly do add to the aesthetic value.

Water features in landscaping naturally attract birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other wildlife. If you enjoy nature, a water feature will provide you with hours of enjoyment as you watch a variety of animal guests. Water features in landscaping offer aesthetic interest and appeal to potential homebuyers. If you want to increase the market value of your home, consider installing a fountain, a little creek, or even a burbling ceramic pot.

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While masking neighbouring noise pollution, a running water feature releases a steady stream of negative ions. Flowing water is said to provide numerous health benefits as well. Flowing water, according to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, attracts riches. Landscape water features should be kept clean to optimise effectiveness. That is why proper initial installation is necessary. Our professional will discuss with you where and how the feature will be installed to maximise its aesthetic significance. They can examine your property and plan out the landscape. You can be assured about the quality of product as well as installation when you hire us. Give us a call today if you want to install water features in your property.


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