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Our objective is to provide fast snow removal service to all of our customers, whether they are commercial or residential.

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Professional Snow Removal Services

Our professionally trained workforce at Get Better Lawns strives to do high-quality work the first time, every time. As a homeowner, you must plan ahead of time for when the first snowfall occurs, so that you will have a snow plough ready to go. Keeping your sidewalks and walkways free of ice and snow is both safe and neighbourly in the winter. Depending on where your property is located, you may be compelled by law to clear the snow off your sidewalk after a certain amount of time, which could range from four to twenty-four hours. To avoid problems later, commercial buildings and apartment owners should consider clearing snow as soon as possible. During the winter, slip-and-fall mishaps are all too common. Snow removal can help prevent such incidents,and keep steps and sidewalks dry and avoid any potential liability as a property owner.

Benefits Of Clearing The Snow

Clearing the snow off your driveway or walk makes life easier for you and your family, especially if they have to travel to work or school in the morning. It’s also pleasant to be able to wear any shoes without fear of having them wet from the snow. Clearing the snow reduces the risk of slipping on wet snow or a car skidding out of the driveway. Because the residence is home to people of various ages, they can go out anytime they want without endangering their safety. As a result, clearing the snow is critical to avoid damage and safeguard your loved ones from danger.

Snow Removal

Some municipalities have rules requiring homeowners to remove snow from their sidewalks and driveways. As a result, clearing snow from such areas is critical, as someone could sue you if they slip outside your home. You just cannot avoid clearing snow from your driveway and pathways. Winter will soon arrive, and you must prepare. Don’t be left trapped in the snow without the help of a dependable snow removal business.

We are focused on quick and effective snow removal when you need it. Customers can rely on us to arrive when we say we will when we commit to provide snow removal service. Please call us to request an estimate for our snow removal services. We are proud of the quality of service we provide and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our services.

When the snowfall exceeds 2 inches, the contract begins. Up to 5 inches of accumulation is covered by the base rate. When 5 inches or more of snow falls, the base rate is doubled. If the buildup exceeds 8 inches, we will return and charge the base cost again, up to an additional 4 inches of accumulation. Snow will be pushed to the region that will provide patrons with the easiest access and accommodation. We understand how critical it is to prevent snow heaps from forming in front of your facility, ruining walkways and parking lots, and endangering the safety of your employees and visitors. Whether you need short-term snow shovelling or more significant snow removal with large-scale equipment, our commercial snow removal service specialists can help.

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We offer free consultations to all customers to establish your specific snow removal needs and to create a list of dependable and fast options with fair, competitive pricing. We will salt your parking lots, driveways, and roadways while ploughing to avoid ice buildup and guarantee the safety of individuals who live on or visit your property. Our team may also collaborate with you to develop custom snow removal service plans, such as seasonal contracts and time-based programmes.


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