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Looking for high quality landscape supplies in Fontana? Whether you are a homeowner taking care of your own landscape or commercial property owners needing landscape supplies, we have everything you need for maintaining and building a beautiful landscape.

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Professional Landscape Supply Services

Get Better Lawns supplies a variety of masonry, building, and landscaping products. We provide all of the high-quality building materials you’ll need to finish your landscaping project. We’ve got you covered whether you’re creating a new patio, landscaping your property, planning a low-maintenance, sustainable landscape, or finally tackling that DIY landscape project you’ve been putting off.

Landscape Supplies

Get Better Lawns has the most comprehensive selection of landscaping materials and construction products from local manufacturers. Our supply yards provide everything you need, including brick, natural stone, synthetic grass, concrete, pavers, gravel, stone veneers, soil, mulch, stucco, seeds, sprinklers, gardening equipment, mowers, chainsaw, hedge clippers and more. We serve homeowners, contractors, architects, and landscape designers, and we make every effort to deliver the best possible customer service. You could rent the supplies or you could buy them at affordable prices.

We understand investing in landscape supplies is a lifetime commitment. If you are dedicated to keeping your property in the best condition, our duty is to supply you with the best quality material available. No matter what kind of hardscape or softscape supplies you are looking for, we give them to you.

When you are irrigating, or taking care of the nursery in your property, your home depot might not have all the material you need for thorough maintenance. That is where we come in. We have all the necessary material you could think of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy mulch for your lawn?

Mulch strengthens the soil in your garden, making it more resistant to pests and illnesses. Mulch is an excellent soil insulator. It regulates soil temperature, reducing the stress that higher temperatures produce in plants.

Should I mow my own lawn?

Mowing is something that should be done routinely to keep a beautiful appearance of your property. You could buy a battery or gas operated mower from us and mow your own lawn.

Do you give home delivery for landscape supplies?

Yes. Whatever items you need just let us know and we will deliver them right at your door.

What kind of supply do I need to trim my tree on my own?

We recommend hiring professionals to trim high trees. However, if you choose to trim your tree on your own you could buy a pole saw, and ladder.

I'm not sure how much landscaping supplies I'll require. Could you assist me in figuring it out?

When you talk to our representative they can help you determine how much landscaping material you’ll need. Let them know how big your project is, and they’ll figure it out. What makes getting professional help so useful is that it eliminates all waste. That way, you’ll only have to buy what you require.

I am not sure what supplies I need to maintain my garden, could you help me?

Yes. We will help you with everything that you might need to take care of your garden, plant new plants, remove weeds, pests and more. Whether you are starting from scratch or have some idea, we can help you with everything you need.

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As landscaping professionals ourselves, we know everything you might need for gardening, cleaning your landscape, installing landscape components, and taking care of your lawn. Their knowledge and experience are unrivalled, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have and put you in the correct direction. Our prices in Fontana are the most affordable, and we deliver right to your door. Give us a call today to get landscape supplies.


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