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We design landscapes for commercial and residential properties in Fontana. Before starting any landscaping project a professional design is necessary. Without pre planning you would waste product, and not build a landscape that looks organised.

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Professional Landscape Design Services

If you want to save money and get a landscape that complements your property, get professional landscape planning done. We do planning for commercial places such as corporate offices, hotels, schools, public parks, and also residences, housing complexes, etc. Our designs at Get Better Lawns include hardscape architecture as well as horticulture.

Landscape Design

The first thing we do before starting a project is site planning. Site planning depicts the precise placement of buildings, roadways, utilities, landscape components, topography, water features, and vegetation in a given development. Land planning is used for larger-scale developments that involve the subdivision of land into several or many lots, as well as land and landscape evaluations. The open-space elements of your property will be planned and designed by us. Working with architects on building patterns, traffic and utility patterns, design of street furniture, signs, and lighting, and general land use planning are all part of the job. Landscape architects assess components of the landscape and find areas of potential or setbacks that may pose limits (geology, hydrology, scenic characteristics, etc.). When we examine a site, we learn things like whether it’s safe to build on it and what steps should be done to clean it up and organise it. If the evaluation is done correctly, the site’s subsequent design will be more successful. Get Better Lawns’s landscape designers can help you maximise the possibilities of your outside space. After you’ve called us for landscaping services our designers will go to work on creating a personalised landscape design for your specific home or commercial property. We will see how much space is available, what is the topography and understand what you are looking for in your landscape and plan a design that brings a landscape that you fall in love with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a landscape design?

Landscape designing before time can save a lot of time for the landscape professionals. Instead of making mistakes and doing trial and error, they will know what will go where and complete the project within time. the team will also be able to show you what the end results will look like so you could make changes before everything is done.

Can you recreate a landscape design I saw on pinterest?

Yes. Although, you have to understand that it might not be possible to replicate everything exactly. The topography, soil condition, slope, layout, area, all play into the role of how a landscape will turn out. We would build a design that will look closely to the landscape you want to go for.

Is it possible to design only part of my property?

Yes. If you do not wish to transform the whole property, we also do landscape designing for part of the property.

Do I have to pay for the design separately?

No. When you are hiring us for landscaping, the cost of designing is included in the whole package. We will quote the price including the landscaping architects charge.

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Landscape designers will discuss what components will go where, how much space will each component take, how long it will take to complete the project, what kind of material will be used and more. When you design your landscape you get a rough idea of how the end result will look so you can make changes if you don’t like anything. With professional designing there is less chances of mistakes and material wastage. We will also be able to give you a free cost estimate after designing.


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