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Installing the right hardscape for your property can completely transform the way it looks. Whether it is simple water features, or something more, a hardscape shapes the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

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Professional Hardscapes Services

Our team is professional at handscaping. They can design the perfect hardscape that enhances the beauty and in turn increases the property value. Who wouldn’t want to come home to a beautiful looking yard? We have been hardscaping commercial and residential properties, so it is not just personal properties but big commercial properties we beautify as well. Unlike lawn care, hardscaping needs a skilled workforce and demanding working hours. That is why you should only hire a company who specialises in hardscaping. With Get Better Lawns you can be assured about your hardscaping needs.


Hardscaping Features We Install:

Retaining walls: Retaining walls could be used to separate areas within your landscape. They could be used to build a nursery, garden, grow shrubs and also to prevent erosion in ground with slope.

Patios : We install the most beautiful looking patios in your backyard, front yard, surrounding area and more. You could custom design the patios to go with the overall aesthetics of your property.

Walkways : We can build stone, pebble, concrete, or masonry walkways that complement that overall look of your hardscape.

Steps or Stairs: Stone, concrete, wooden, or other kinds of stairs in your property will enhance the beauty of your property.

Fence : Fence is another thing we install. We are experts in installing all kinds of fences including wooden, vinyl or decorative metal fences.

Pergolas : Pergolas make hardscape beautiful and give you outdoor space that is shaded from sun and other elements.

Fountain : Fountain, stone creek are some of the water features that will sure to add zing to your hardscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to hardscape my property?

Hardscape is a board term used for all the concrete, stone, wood and metal features in a property. The price depends on how big your property, what kind of hardscaping you need, what features you want to include, what material you want to use, etc. Our experts can discuss the details, give a visit to your property and give you a quote which includes labour charges as well as material charges.

Can I design my own landscape?

Yes, definitely. If you have a certain design in mind you could talk to our professionals. They can guide you in bringing your ideas to life, With professional help you will know what kind of material to use, the dimensions, and explore all the ideas to get the perfect looking landscape you have always wanted.

What are the design options I have?

Patios, walkways, pergolas, retaining walls, stone creek, fountain, stairs, fences, outdoor kitchen, outdoor sitting area, outdoor fireplace, and many more. If you want custom hardscape design done, we can do that as well.

Is investing in hardship any good?

Beautifully hardscape property will have a much higher rate than one that doesn’t have any. Hardscape installation is an investment of lifetime. The property value increases ten fold when you get hardscaping done. Not to mention, you increase your living space that you could use to sit guests, eat, relax, read, enjoy your coffee and so much more.

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The right type of hardscaping could increase the outdoor living space of your property. It is a long term benefit that will not only help have a better living but increase the price of your property if you ever choose to sell it. If you have a big area surrounding your house it could be difficult to maintain it. Hardscaping makes maintenance easy. You don’t have to worry about mowing, pest control, or cleaning when you have hardships. Hardscape also prevents soil erosion during rain. Hardscape adds dimension to your property and makes it look organised. You will love inviting guests over when you have beautiful hardscaping done.


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