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Last fall, did you rake up all of your leaves? Or were there a few trees that didn’t lose their leaves till late in the season? Winter storms can knock down limbs and leaves for a variety of reasons. This debris will be raked up and composted or bagged for you to dispose of at the curb by a lawn care company.

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Professional Fall Clean-Up Services

Clean up your flower beds and other landscaped areas as well. Leaves, weeds, and sticks become lodged in the soil or cover your flower beds entirely. Your lawn service will clear your beds, allowing your flowers, shrubs, and trees to breathe once more. Your lawn service will also divide and transplant perennials, as well as pull weeds and tree shoots, at the same time. Get rid of all the winter detritus in your yard, or keep those falling leaves under control. Your roof gutter, porch, driveway, roof, and yard all get dirty with fallen leaves and twigs during fall.

Clean Up Your Lawn

Your yard becomes a mess during fall. Everything from the health of your trees and shrubs to your lighting and irrigation systems is affected by our changing environment throughout the year. That’s why we crew takes extra precautions with a thorough spring and fall clean-up to ensure the landscape is ready for what’s to come. We give lawn cleaning services throughout the year, however we have a special fall clean-up plan. It includes cleaning all the possible places in your property that gather leaf, twigs, and other debris.

Fall Clean-up

When the snow melts and the temperatures rise, our team visits each of our clients to prepare planting beds and hardscape elements for the months ahead. This comprehensive spring cleaning service covers the following:

Clean-up, removal, and off-site disposal of landscape waste gathered in planting beds and turf grass throughout the winter months. To define and maintain a groomed appearance, cultivate, weed, and edge garden beds and tree rings with a spade. All hardscape surfaces, such as roads, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks, require edging. As appropriate, prune any surviving perennials and grasses that provide visual appeal over the winter. To help reduce early weed germination, a granular pesticide is applied to planting beds. Planting beds are fertilised with a slow-release granular fertiliser. In addition, our crew takes care of the hardscape, such as power washing patios and inspecting the irrigation system, fountains, lighting, and other features for proper operation. Our team at Get Better Lawns does fall clean-up activities to prepare the landscape for winter as the leaves fall, usually around November. This includes the following:

  • Clean up fallen leaves and other landscape debris from planting beds and turf grass areas with care.
  • Perennials that don’t provide winter interest should be pruned.
  • Any leftover seasonal annuals should be removed.
  • Irrigation systems and water features should be winterized.
  • Make sure your landscaping looks great all year. Contact us now to learn more about our spring and fall cleaning services.

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When you hire Landscaping Fontana, we don’t simply use a wind blower, we will use all sorts of equipment and manually clean places as well. Our thorough cleaning ensures there are no places left dirty. And spring yard cleanup isn’t just about sprucing up your curb appeal. It’s important to keep your lawn grass and landscaping healthy by removing waste that could spread disease or provide a hiding place for rats. Our local specialists have the tools and knowledge to make leaf removal a snap. Your lawn will be spotless and attractive, and your back will feel terrific!


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